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Artist: Esteban Vicente, Oil Paintings on Canvas

Esteban Vicente, (1903-2001), was an important member of the New York School of art. Vicente along with his contemporaries, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Willem De Kooning, Mark Rothko and Hans Hofmann, during the 1950's, pioneered a new vision of painting. Together they transformed the development of art away from the purely figurative and toward a unique form of abstraction.

Born in Segovia, Spain, Esteban Vicente, like Picasso, received a classical grounding in art. He subsequently moved to Paris where he was exposed to European modernist movements. In 1936, Esteban Vicente left for the United States and by 1947 he had settled permanently in New York.

Esteban Vicente shared a studio with Willem De Kooning, and took part in the renowned Talent 1950 exhibition which was curated by Meyer Schapiro and Clement Greenberg. Vicente also participated in the fabled 9th Street exhibition, which established the artist as a key abstract painter of the New York School.

In the decades that followed, Esteban Vicente continued to pursue his own artistic expression with paintings that focus on light, and the radiance of deep, saturated colors.

In 1998, Esteban Vicente achieved a major honor in Spain with the opening of a museum devoted exclusively to his work. In the United States, his work is represented in major museum collections as an integral part of one of the key art movements of the 20th century.

Esteban Vicente - Green Floating Esteban Vicente - Symphony Esteban Vicente - Rhythm Esteban Vicente - In Space

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